Miriam Luna is an international singer and pianist.

With a unique silky voice and an admirable virtuosity with the piano, Miriam Luna has captivated audiences throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.

Born in Barcelona, she studied at the Conservatory of Classical Music of Barcelona and for the last few years has lived in Vienna, where she has already performed in many of the main venues of the city of music.

A nature lover and activist for sustainability, in 2009, Miriam supported the Conference Against Climate Change on a bicycle journey from Barcelona to Copenhagen, performing one of her songs written specifically for this cause at the summit.

In 2016 she released her first single, Simply Beautiful, a song that encourages people to enjoy life, love and the beauty of simple things.

This year, 2019, she published her first album, Piano & Soul, in an intimate format as a trip to dreamland, where feelings and emotions flourish through her voice and piano skills with reinterpretations of iconic themes of various styles, such as pop, jazz, swing, chanson, bolero and bossa nova.

Miriam Luna creates elegant and fresh musical vibrations, with a great positive energy and a spontaneous connection with the audience. In her live appearances, she has a special gift of conveying emotions in the purest way, through a charming voice that strikes both strength and feminine sensitivity, and a piano style that cleverly draws together a whole range of sensations in each song she performs.

She also has her own band, Miriam Luna & Band, which adds a festive tone to a perfect party and creates a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere as an extension of her solo format.